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Poll reveals widespread support for 'Hands Off' campaign

A poll published on Monday (20th April) has revealed that four out of five people (82%) believe pensioner benefits should be kept around the same level or increased.  The poll carried out by Populus Polls for The Financial Times has revealed widespread support for the 'Hands Off' campaign which aims to protect universal pensioner benefits like the winter fuel payment and bus pass.

Parties respond to 'Hands Off'

2015 is the year of the general election, and the 'Hands Off' campaign has received official party responses from the three main political parties in the UK. 

With 110 days left until the general election, some of the parties have been more forthcoming than others.  With full party manifestos expected in the coming months, the 'Hands Off' campaign will continue to examine any reference to universal pensioner benefits.

Each party was asked to outline its official party position on the provision of universal pensioner benefits including the Winter Fuel Payment, Bus Pass, TV Licences for over 75s and free prescriptions, following the general election. 

Hands Off campaign is launched

Hands Off Universal Pensioner Benefits‘Hands Off’ is the clear message coming from older people across the UK, as a new nation‑wide campaign is launched today defending the need for benefits such as the winter fuel payment and bus pass.

The ‘Hands Off’ campaign, which has already been backed by some of the most influential older people’s organisations in the UK, aims to safeguard benefits such as the winter fuel payment, bus pass, free prescriptions and TV licences after the 2015 general election.

Following comments made by the main political parties at Westminster indicating these benefits may be under threat, the campaign will emphasise their importance in achieving a decent standard of living for millions of pensioners across the UK, whilst also highlighting the costs and barriers associated with means-testing such benefits.

People of all ages are encouraged to sign the online e-petition and to email their local MP via the campaign website at

The ‘Hands Off’ campaign is being officially backed by the National Pensioners’ Convention, Age Sector Platform in Northern Ireland, the Welsh Senate of Older People and the Scottish Seniors Alliance.